This is exciting.

We're sure you're ready to dance, but first-- a quick orientation. Let's make sure you know where to access everything.  





All intermediate + members will find unlimited class replays in the "class replay" portion of their library.



Want to understand a classes level or vibe before trying? Checkout the demo portion for mini-classes and warm-up breakdowns.



Ask your teachers questions during class and engage with your fellow dancers in real-time with our custom chat.

Custom Feedback

Looking to excel quickly? You can get personal feedback from your teacher anytime you wish. Simply use the "view yourself" function and record a snippet of yourself in class, send to the teacher, and voila!

Bonus: Dance Foundations

Our gift to you: Courses on musicality, muscle memory, turns and jumps technique and more, all created to be self-paced on your own time. 

Private Lessons

If you signed up for our Advanced Plan, you will also receive weekly private lessons. We're ready when you are.

Start here:

Private Lessons