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Your living room is your new happy place.

Online dance classes created for adults of all levels.

7 day trial . Cancel anytime. 

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Life is too short to not dance. 

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What's Included


#1- Unlimited Live Classes

Drop into our live cam for a real, live, studio experience. You can ask teacher questions via Slack and get personal feedback.

#2- On-Demand Classes

Take any and all classes you'd like on your terms. Each class comes with a fully, archived playlist. 

#3- Options for Growth

At no extra charge! When you sign up, we'll throw in some amazing bonuses such as breakdowns of our warm-ups, a visual movement library, and our Dance Foundations courses.

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When people dance, they come alive. 

We crafted an online experience designed to give dancers creative release, physical connection, and a strong, engaged community.



Hi, I'm April...


In 1994 I went into foster care.

By 1997, I had moved through 22 homes and was now living in my car.

In 2006, I fell in love with dance, quite by accident. I was 25 when I took my first class.

Dance was the first therapy that worked. It reconnected me to my body, mind creative spirit, and gave me this great common language to speak with others.  When I say dance is powerful, I am speaking from full conviction. 

We have a beautiful, vibrant community in our studio, but have always been limited by location.  So we added cameras, went live, and decided that if we couldn't bring you to our community, we'd bring our community to you.

Dive in. You won't regret it. 

-April MacLean

Founder, Infuse Dance

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We don't just care about dance. We care about you.


We've tried almost every online studio out there, and here's what we found:

1. We wanted more than just one type of dance.

2. We didn't care about "popular" teachers, we wanted them to be skilled and easy to connect with.

3.  We didn't always love pre-recorded classes. The community found in live classes was often missing. 

4. A lot of online classes were paced oddly. They were missing warm-ups, or taught to quickly because there were no real-time learners in the room giving feedback. 


So, here's what we did:

1. We offer everything from tap to hip hop to contemporary, and for all levels.

2. We hire teachers who are masters in their genre, but more importantly, genuinely love guiding and investing dancers. 

3. We offer live, unlimited classes right from our studio in Southern California-- and you can ask your teacher questions in real-time. 

4. We teach you to dance. We don't just throw choreography at you and call it a day. 

How to Start:

1. Select a membership

2. Login and Dance

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Here's What Others Are Saying...


I took competitive classes as a kid and it burnt me out. Coming to Infuse I realize how many beautiful things about dance I'd forgotten about. I look forward to contemporary every week.


I've never dance before-- ever! But I tried Brandons hip hop class and loved it! He was so warm and broke everything down until I felt like I could manage it. Can't wait to try more...